Disciplined Practices that Deliver Business Value

We partner with our customers to iteratively and incrementally build the software they need for their success. In developer-speak, we use kanban for managing our projects and are experts in test-driven development, behavior-driven development, evolutionary design, and DevOps. Our disciplined approach in using these tools allow us to do the following..



Every vendor will tell you that they will give you great quality faster than everyone else. And we at DevSquads also claim that. But what is more important than “faster” is “sooner”. Sooner means that we break up work into tiny slices and deliver them to you within hours and days instead of long weeks and months. What this means for you is we are in constant conversation and co-creation of the software you want. And you will have features to explore, show, and test.


We build our software so that it has a low cost of change. We welcome and embrace changing requirements. That means that as we build the software together and you discover more and more of what is really needed. Our clients leverage this ability for their competitive advantage.



All the products we build are covered by a sophisticated suite of automated tests. That means when you receive a new feature, we guarantee that it works AND it has not broken anything else in the system. Durability, flexibility, and near-continuous delivery are all enabled by the disciplined technical practices we use. We do this by splitting requirements and stories into thin vertical slices, then driving the code using behavior-driven development and test-driven development, and starting with a simple design and evolving it over time.

Dedicated, self-organizing, cross-functional teams

When you work with DevSquads you don’t just get a “contact” who is the face-person and who knows how many developers are actually working on your project. You actually meet and work with the entire team. You speak to our developers on a daily basis, so what you need and want isn’t somehow lost in the translation as the project manager interprets and translates to the team and back.

How We Can Help

We offer three types of software development services tailored to your specific needs:

Long Term Product Development

This is a traditional outsourcing model. DevSquads builds custom software for our clients. We partner with them to tailor the system to their needs. We deliver features in a continuous fashion with high quality and the agility to pivot at any time they need to respond to changing business environments successfully.

Rescue and Recovery

Many of our clients start working with us when their product is in crisis. They have either hired their own development team or outsourced the work to an outside vendor, but the software is full of defects and deadlines are broken, and broken again, and unfortunately broken yet again. They are suffering and their business is being affected.

Minimum Viable Products

Startup companies love us.
With our understanding and internal implementations of lean-startup and agile methods, our way of work naturally fits. The fact that the software is high quality and also flexible is critical to any startup as they pivot frequently based on customer and investment needs.