What we offer

Software Development

Our core competency at DevSquads is offshore custom software development for our clients. We work with small startups to large multinationals around the world.


Agile Coaching and Training

We live and breath Agile methods within DevSquads. It’s how we build software. We do TDD, BDD and evolutionary design. We communicate frequently with our clients.


What People Say

Amr and his colleagues at Gemba Systems provided top-notch training in a whole host of Agile methodologies and practices, from Scrum to TDD. Amr was a consummate professional throughout the whole process, and always went the extra mile in order to ensure that we grasped the concepts. His expertise in the subjects shone through as he helped navigate us through a difficult season of organizational change. I truly valued the services he provided, and would not hesitate to work with him again

Jon Scolamiero
Jon Scolamiero
Manager Architecture & Governance, Product Marketing at Mendix

Amr is a very intelligent and collaborative consultant at the time we worked together. Amr's strength on leadership and interpersonal skills also helped him to take on more responsibility to help with the growth of the business.

Xiao Guo
Xiao Guo
CEO, ThoughtWorks

Amr is just inspiring! I have met Amr during a transformation program at Thomson Reuters. He was leading the coaching team and he delivered what every company should expect from a transformation: a mindset! He is not only an expert on AGILE practices but also a strong leader in changing the state of mind. Really enjoyed this trip with Amr which changed my vision of organization and collaboration.

Sebastien Denos
Sebastien Denos
Head of Development / La Réunion

I had the pleasure to work with Amr while he was teaching course and coaching teams on LEAN Software development here at Schlumberger Montpelier at the end of 2017. Amr is a very engaged and dynamic coach who can easily rally teams around problematic. He is an excellent listener, being able to quickly adapt to his environment. Being solutions oriented and enjoying an extensive experience in the industry on LEAN practices, he is able to rapidly analyze and propose pragmatic solutions to existing challenges. He is as well a very enjoyable individual, able to quickly establish a trusted relationship

Pierre Ferron
TechCenter Software Metier Manager at Schlumberger


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About us

  • We at DevSquads build high-quality software leveraging advanced Lean and Agile software development techniques.
  • Our ability to release frequently, in a matter of days allows us to collaborate effectively and co-create beautiful software with our clients that enables and fuels their success.
  • Our focus on technical excellence enables us to create durable and flexible software. High-quality software and an ability to respond to change quickly gives our clients a competitive edge in their business.
  • We provide services for new startups to help create their minimum valuable products (MVP) and grow the software as they grow and succeed.
  • We also take on recovery projects, where clients have poor quality software that is riddled with defects, or, even worse, is stuck and unable to get to a live system.
  • Finally, we are happy to continue building the software with you in a long-term relationship or can hand things over to your own software development team and teach them the skills, through our coaching services, so they can continue on the same path.

Let's Get In Touch

If you need any further information, feel free to contact us at

Email: info@devsquads.com
Phone: +20 1025000613